High Impact Abatement Activities

City and County Spending of Opioid Settlement Funds

Cities and counties will receive 85% of California’s opioid settlement funds, and 60% of funds from Mallinckrodt. These funds are intended to be used for opioid remediation purposes. A list of allowable opioid remediation activities can be found in Exhibit E of the settlement agreements. Additionally, California set its own list of High Impact Abatement Activities (HIAAs), and cities and counties must spend no less than 50% of Abatement Account funds on HIAAs. California’s HIAAs include:

Table 1. California High Impact Abatement Activities (HIAAs)
No. Activity
1 Provision of matching funds or operating costs for substance use disorder facilities with an approved project within the Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program (BHCIP)
2 Creating new or expanded substance use disorder (SUD) treatment infrastructure
3 Addressing the needs of communities of color and vulnerable populations (including sheltered and unsheltered homeless populations) that are disproportionately impacted by SUD
4 Diversion of people with SUD from the justice system into treatment, including by providing training and resources to first and early responders (sworn and non-sworn) and implementing best practices for outreach, diversion and deflection, employability, restorative justice, and harm reduction
5 Interventions to prevent drug addiction in vulnerable youth
6 The purchase of naloxone for distribution and efforts to expand access to naloxone for opioid overdose reversals.