Reporting and Oversight

Reporting and Oversight of California’s Settlements and Bankruptcies

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is tasked with overseeing cities and counties that receive funds from the opioid settlements and Mallinckrodt bankruptcy. DHCS oversight responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the California cities and counties for compliance (Abatement Accounts);
  • Designating additional high-impact abatement activities (Abatement Accounts);
  • Conducting related stakeholder engagement; and
  • Preparing annual reports (Abatement Accounts & Subdivision Funds);

Cities and counties receiving funds from the opioid settlements are required to prepare written reports at least annually regarding the use of those funds. DHCS has created an online form to collect these reports and will issue an annual report regarding the State’s use of funds from the settlements.

DHCS also provides resources to aid cities and counties in the use of opioid settlement funds for opioid remediation activities. These include FAQs, fact sheets, and webinars, as well as technical assistance requests.