Tribal MAT

DHCS collaborated with American Indian and Alaska Native community stakeholders to design the California Tribal Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Project. Described by its lead entities as “a unified response to the opioid crisis in California Indian Country,” the Tribal MAT Project is designed to meet the specific opioid use disorder (OUD) prevention, treatment, and recovery needs of California’s Tribal and Urban Indian communities. It was a core component of the original California MAT Expansion Project and is continued through the California MAT Expansion Project 2.0. In close partnership with representatives of the communities being served, DHCS developed the Tribal MAT Project to promote opioid safety, improve the availability and provision of MAT, and facilitate wider access to naloxone with special consideration for Tribal and Urban Indian values, culture, and treatments. For a snapshot of the Tribal MAT Project, take a look at the flyer.

The Tribal MAT Project is well underway. Read more about the organizations implementing complementary initiatives to achieve the goals of the Tribal MAT Project.