California Hub & Spoke System

The California Hub and Spoke System aims to increase access to MAT services throughout the state, particularly in counties with the highest overdose rates. This program was modeled after the Vermont Hub and Spoke system, which successfully increased access to MAT in a rural state with little treatment infrastructure. The Hub & Spoke System has increased the availability of MAT for patients with opioid use disorder by increasing the total number of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners prescribing buprenorphine. The Hub & Spoke System consists of narcotic treatment programs which are referred to as “Hubs” and serve as experts in treating opioid use disorder, as well as office-based treatment settings which are referred to as “Spokes” and provide ongoing care and maintenance treatment.

Hub & Spoke System participants also participate in Learning Collaboratives and have access to other training opportunities. The purpose of the Learning Collaboratives is to engage CA Hub & Spoke System provider and physician participants in the process of shared learning to facilitate implementation of services and provide opportunities for interactive problem solving. To learn more about the Learning Collaboratives and other technical assistance efforts, visit the CA Hub and Spoke System page managed by managed by UCLA’s Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (UCLA ISAP)..

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This project receives funding from the State Opioid Response (SOR) grant through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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