Opioid Settlements

State, local, and tribal governments have brought lawsuits against pharmacies, and pharmaceutical and drug distribution companies responsible for aiding the opioid epidemic. The lawsuits allege that these companies fueled the opioid crisis by marketing opioids in misleading ways, downplaying risks, exaggerating benefits, and engaging in reckless distribution practices. California has joined several of these national lawsuits to recover costs associated with the opioid epidemic.

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To learn more about the settlements and bankruptcies, visit the California’s Opioid Settlements and Bankruptcies page.

To learn more about the State Opioid Settlement Fund (OSF) projects, visit the State Funded Projects page.


For questions about the California Opioid Settlements, please email OSF@dhcs.ca.gov.

Expenditure and reporting guidance for cities and counties that receive funds from the California Opioid Settlements can be found on the DHCS California Opioid Settlements webpage.