Empowering Faith Leaders in California

The Clinton Foundation’s Empowering Faith Leaders in California project addresses the opioid epidemic through a collaborative learning opportunity to empower religious leaders from diverse faith traditions to take on leadership roles in addressing substance use disorders (SUD) within their communities. Participating leaders will be provided information on the opioid epidemic, SUDs, local supportive resources, speaking about addiction without stigma, connecting people to treatment and recovery, and recognizing and responding to an opioid overdose with naloxone.

The Clinton Foundation will recruit two cohorts each year for two years. Each year will focus on two cities in California, and each cohort will be comprised of 20 faith leaders. This project will provide technical assistance, training, structured curricula, and collaboration to each faith leader to execute a community-based engagement project to raise awareness about addiction, reduce stigma, and share life-saving resources.

This project receives State General Funds from the State of California.

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