Naloxone Distribution Project

The Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) created the Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP) to combat opioid overdose-related deaths throughout California. The NDP aims to reduce opioid overdose deaths through the provision of free naloxone.

The NDP receives State General Funds from the State of California and opioid settlement funds from the Janssen and Distributors (J&D) Settlement Agreements.

Apply for Naloxone

Entities can apply to DHCS to have naloxone shipped directly to their address.

Eligible entities include:

  • Fire, EMS and first responders;
  • Schools and universities;
  • Tribal entities;
  • County public health and behavioral health departments; and
  • Community organizations such as harm reduction organizations or community opioid coalitions.
  • Law enforcement such as police departments, county jails and probation;

To apply online to receive free naloxone, please submit an application via the NDP online application form. To review the required materials for applications, please visit the Naloxone Distribution Project webpage on the DHCS website.

If you have questions, please review the NDP’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For other questions, contact the NDP Team at

Impact and Data

Learn more about the impact of the NDP at the Naloxone Distribution Project Data webpage.