Recovery Housing

The MAT Expansion Project has funded the development of supportive housing projects, which provide recovery support services in a residential setting to individuals seeking treatment for opioid use disorder.

In San Francisco, Health Right 360 is providing access to recovery residence transitional housing and peer support for homeless individuals with opioid use disorder to facilitate continued engagement in substance use disorder treatment and related recovery support services. The program is also available to individuals with stimulant use disorders (i.e., addiction to substances like cocaine and methamphetamine).

Riverside County is also implementing a recovery housing project, with a focus on recovery residences, supportive housing, and treatment services for individuals with an opioid or stimulant use disorder. Riverside University Health Systems Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Clinics also provide MAT Services for anyone meeting medical necessity in an Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, or Recovery Services at anyone of these locations: Corona, Blythe, Palm Springs, Lake Elsinore, Desert Hot Springs, Indio, Moreno Valley, San Jacinto, Riverside, and Temecula.

A third recovery housing project began in 2021, focused on expanding access to recovery housing in Northern California and the Central Valley. This project, funded through MAT Access Points from the Center at Sierra Health Foundation, awarded funds to six recovery housing providers serving individuals with opioid and stimulant use disorders.

Project Leads