Please join the AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) National Clinician Consultation Center in partnership with the Health Resources and Services Administration’s HIV/AIDS Bureau (HRSA HAB) and Bureau of Primary Health Care (HRSA BPHC) for this webinar developed for clinicians and other health care providers.

Cannabis is considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a Schedule 1 drug with a high potential for abuse and little to no medical benefit. Nevertheless, cannabis use has increased, and some patients use cannabis to address a wide range of health conditions despite limited scientific evidence regarding its efficacy. Further, marketing of cannabis products has likely contributed to changing patterns in use.

This webinar will provide an overview of cannabis use disorder (CUD) including signs and symptoms of CUD. We will also explore the risks and consequences of CUD along with offering treatment strategies.

Objectives of this presentation:

  • Review the history, epidemiology and pharmacology of cannabis and cannabis products.
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of cannabis use disorder including intoxication and withdrawal states.
  • Explore the risk and negative consequences of cannabis use disorder and associated comorbidities.
  • Discuss treatment approaches including acute management as well as chronic medical management strategies