Data can help power local-level work to combat overdose. With data, we can raise awareness, tailor interventions, encourage policy support, and gain vital intelligence on the nature of the local overdose problem. The Spring 2023 COPN Convening will be a data summit on ways you can harness data to help achieve your aims.

The COPN Data Summit will feature key data sources and platforms needed for local decision-making; success stories from communities across California who will share how they’re leveraging data; a conversation about equity considerations with overdose data; and small-group breakout discussions on creating your own community surveys, forming strong and sustainable data partnerships, and ideas for new data systems to strengthen overdose prevention activities in California.

The COPN Data Summit promises to be a lively exchange of ideas for how we can all better marshal data to support our local work to combat overdose.

Register for the Spring 2023 COPN Convening on today!